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Speech and Understanding in the Cloud.

The Art of Medicine in a digital world The relationship between physicians and patients is at the core of healing. This begins with hearing and understanding. Let’s reimagine healthcare—where physicians can get back to the patient.

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Nuance Healthcare Development Platform Ready to experience the power of the Nuance Healthcare Development Platform first-hand. Check out this short demonstration of our technology in action and discover how voice and language understanding can complement your healthcare app and benefit your users.

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Dragon Medical SpeechKit In addition to existing features like voice commands and auto-texts, the latest version of our secure cloud-based clinical speech recognition boasts recognition accuracy improvements, custom vocabulary management, enhanced UI elements, and interoperability with other Nuance solutions.

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Clinical Language UnderstandingCLU automatically extracts the discrete, meaningful data from physician narrative and notes to improve patient documentation and easily populate patient documentation solution to improve patient care, quality reporting, billing, and meaningful use.

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