Clinical Language Understanding SDK

A complete development ecosystem and delivery platform for developers to integrate clinical language understanding (CLU) in their healthcare apps

Preserve the Story

CLU automatically extracts the discrete, meaningful data from physician narrative and notes to improve patient documentation and easily populate patient documentation or EHR applications.

Extract Clinical Facts

The physician narrative is quickly processed to extract and tag relevant clinical data elements. The data can then be used to improve patient care, quality reporting, billing, and meaningful use.

Standard XML Output

Extracted results are delivered as standard HL7 CDA files with structured information coded to SNOMED and RxNorm.

Secure Access

All speech-related data is communicated using TLS protocols to ensure end-to-end security and HIPAA-compliance.


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Sample CLU Integration


MedMaster Mobility with Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) by Nuance.

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Extracted Fact Types


Extracted facts classified to SNOMED
Attributes: Name and Status (active, history, chronic, resolved, recurrent)


Extracted facts classified to RxNorm
Attributes: Name, dosage, route, strength, form, frequency,and duration.


Extracted facts classified to SNOMED and RxNorm
Attributes: Absence of known allergies, drug, environmental, or allergies not dictated

Vital Signs

Extracted facts classified to SNOMED
Attributes: Blood pressure, height, weight, temp, pulse, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation level, body mass index.

Past Surgical History

Extracted facts classified to SNOMED
Attributes: Name and Date.

Social History

Extracted facts classified to SNOMED
Attributes: Substance (tobacco or alcohol), status, frequency.