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Anytime. Anywhere.

Speech and Understanding in the Cloud.

360 | Development Platform

Global, enterprise-class development ecosystem that allows independent software vendors (ISVs) and internal development teams at provider and payer organizations to embed secure clinical speech recognition and clinical language understanding (CLU) functionality into their healthcare solutions.

Clinical Speech Recognition

360 | SpeechAnywhere Services: Secure, cloud-based, clinical speech recognition with client-side software components for mobile device platforms, web browsers, and desktops.

Clinical Fact Extraction

360 | Understanding Services: Analyze free text dictations, tag clinical data elements (diagnoses, allergies, medications, vitals, procedures, social history), and extract facts for better patient care.

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The Art of Medicine in a digital world

This guide aims to kick-off a conversation about how we can all work together to humanize healthcare and get back practicing the art of medicine in a digital world. Inside, you’ll find a collection of insight from industry experts and thought leaders who share their impressions on how each of us, in our own unique way, can help improve healthcare and artfully create technology that supports and empowers the way we practice medicine, not distracts from it.

360 Development Platform

Ready to experience the power of the 360 | Development Platform first-hand. Check out this short demonstration of our technology in action and discover how voice and language understanding can complement your healthcare app and benefit your users.


In addition to existing features like voice commands and auto-texts, the latest version of our secure cloud-based clinical speech recognition boasts recognition accuracy improvements, custom vocabulary management, enhanced UI elements, and interoperability with other Nuance products.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Nuance recently surveyed 10,000 US doctors about the effect virtual assistants – like the ones already widely used by consumers – will have on healthcare. Overwhelmingly, 80 percent believe that within five years, virtual assistants, powered by clinical language understanding, will drastically change how they interact and use electronic health records.